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Classical Studies

Walter Stevenson, Chair
Professor Simpson
Associate Professors Baughan, Damer, Gunkel, Stevenson

The Department of Classical Studies offers majors and minors in classical civilization, Greek language and literature and Latin language and literature. The Department supports the minors in Archaeology and Linguistics and the First-Year Seminar program. FYS's taught by our faculty can count towards our majors and minors (see list below). Several courses are offered that fulfill requirements in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program and the Healthcare Studies Program. The Department values community-based learning and offers CBL components in some of its classes.

The Department of Classical Studies also offers three combined majors with the Department of English. The combined programs in Classics and English, Greek and English, and Latin and English are intended for students who wish to pursue in-depth work in both the classical and the English literary traditions.