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Visual and Media Arts Practice

Department of Art and Art History

Jeremy Drummond, Coordinator
Professors Sjovold, Softić
Associate Professors Calvillo, Drummond
Assistant Professors Driscoll, Nelson, Szymanska, Williams
University Museums Executive Director Waller and Deputy Director Schlatter
Visual Resources Librarian Keefer
Professionals from the fields in art are also employed as adjunct faculty members.

The Department of Art and Art History offers programs in visual and media arts practice, Western and non-Western art history, and museum studies. In the Modlin Center for the Arts, students work in an environment where they can develop their intellectual and creative abilities to the fullest potential. In addition to a rigorous and stimulating curriculum, students also participate in the activities of the university museums. The museums present exhibitions of both historical and contemporary art with related lectures, workshops, and symposia with visiting artists, critics, and art historians. A study abroad program allows students to study art and art history in approved programs under the direction of the Office of International Education. In visual and media arts practice, our integrated, rigorous art foundation program offers students broad exposure to the core areas of our curriculum; including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and film and video. Emphasis is placed upon developing artwork that bridges established and emerging media and dismantles traditional divisions between the core areas of our curriculum. Our program is tailored to supporting individual student interests through creative studio projects, individual research, gallery and museum visits, and critiques and visual presentations.

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