Ernest McGowen, Coordinator (Africana Studies)
Assistant Professor McCommons (Joint Appointment with History)
Advisory Board Ashe, Driscoll, Diaz, Kapanga, Meyer (ex-officio), Oware, Summers, Student Representatives

The Africana Studies Program offers the depth of humanistic though (including philosophical, interoperative, creative, and fine arts) alongside training in the skill sets of the social and natural sciences. The major and minor programs are designed to introduce students to the history, politics, and culture of people of African descent. This includes an examination of the global African diaspora, including the United States, the continent of Africa, the Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latino regions, and areas in Europe and Asia.

Students will study the breadth and depth of the global experience through a variety of methods and mediums including: Anthropology, Art and Art History, Communication, English, Geography, History, Journalism, Language, Media, Political Science, Sociology, Theatre and Dance, and the Sciences.