Mariela Méndez, Chair
Professor Feldman
Associate Professors Hermida-Ruiz, Kissling, Méndez de Coudriet, Otero-Blanco
Assistant Professors Amaral-Rodriguez, Giancaspro
Director of Luso-Brazilian Studies Abreu
Director of Intensive Language Program in Spanish Peebles
Assistant Director of Intensive Language Program in Spanish Corradini
Director of Community-Based Learning Vázquez
Director of Global Studio Marsh-Soloway

LALIS Curriculum for Students with Advanced or Superior Proficiency in Spanish

The following curriculum is designed for students entering the university with advanced or superior proficiency in Spanish. This includes native speakers, heritage speakers, and students who have acquired advanced proficiency through residence in a Spanish-speaking country. Students with advanced or superior proficiency must seek the advice of a faculty member in the department before registering.

Students with advanced or superior proficiency who wish to pursue a major or minor in LALIS should complete their studies with courses higher than 309.  The total number of units required for the major remains 9.5;  for the minor, six.

Students with advanced or superior proficiency who wish to take LALIS courses as electives, without pursuing a major or minor, should follow the same criteria. Students cannot take a  course below 309 for elective credit, except with permission of the department.

Note about Portuguese

LAIS 349, Portuguese for Romance Language Speakers, is an accelerated language course aimed at students already fluent or proficient in Spanish (either heritage speakers or advanced students who have completed at least one FSLT course in LAIS: 321, 331, or 332).  Permission of instructor required in other cases.  This course may be taken as elective credit for the LALIS major and minor.  Students taking this course may also earn credit towards the Luso-Brazilian Studies Minor.

Related Fields

Global Studies: Politics and Governance

Luso-Brazilian Studies

Study Abroad

Study abroad is strongly encouraged for all students. The department offers summer study programs in Argentina and Spain. In addition, there are exchange agreements for study during the academic year in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Spain. Visit for all study abroad requirements and policies.

Outreach Program

The LALIS Outreach Program at the University of Richmond builds bridges with the Hispanic community, giving students the opportunity to enrich their cultural experience and use their language skills. Students participating in this program may work for a minimum of 20 hours per semester for an additional .25 units of credit (up to .5 units of credit).