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Peter Smallwood, Chair
Professors Boland, de Sá, Hayden, Runyen-Janecky
Associate Professors Brinkerhoff, Grayson, Hilliker, Quintero, Smallwood, Stenger, Treonis, Warrick, C. Wu, E. Wu
Assistant Professors Carpenter, Erickson, Pierce, Richardson, Skromne, Yang
Directors of Biological Instruction Boone, Jones, Reiner
Director of Biological Imaging Criswell
Director of Pre-Health Education Vaughan
Managers of Biological Laboratories Berben, O'Donnell
Stockroom Manager Joseph

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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Environmental Studies

Integrated Science

Marine and Ecosystem Studies

Opportunities are available to study marine biology or marine and other ecosystems through cooperative agreements with the Duke University Marine Sciences Laboratory (DUML), Beaufort, N.C., and the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass., Semester in Environmental Science (MBL-SES). Work taken in the program may be included in the student's University of Richmond curriculum only with the prior approval and under the direction of the Department of Biology. Students interested in this option are encouraged to apply to the department for further information.