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John Earl, Chair
Professors Arnold, Fishe, Szakmary
Associate Professors Conover, Earl, Marshall, North
Assistant Professor Meng, Wu
Instructor Alexander 

Student Managed Investment Fund

Students interested in the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) should follow CFA® Track along with the following: 

  • course Introduction to Equity Analysis (highly recommended prior to applying)

  • course Investment (must be taken before fall semester of senior year)

  • course Portfolio Management and Analysis (must be taken by the fall term of senior year)

  • course Student-Managed Investment Fund (senior year)

Special Opportunities and Graduate Work Preparation

Students are encouraged to speak to their academic advisors about special opportunities in programs such as the Student-Managed Investment Fund; Chartered Financial Analyst Student Program; Federal Reserve Challenge; Investments Club; and Business Conditions and Analysis Review.

Students interested in graduate work should consider taking  course Advanced Econometrics. In addition, a math minor or a combination of course Calculus II; course Multivariate Calculus; course Linear Algebra; course Probability; and course Mathematical Statistics would be especially helpful for students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in finance.