Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (C-LAC) offers quarter unit, pass/fail courses in a variety of languages. C-LAC sections are small discussion groups taught by a faculty member or by selected international or bilingual students called C-LAC Assistants. All C-LAC sections are offered in conjunction with primary courses throughout the curriculum, including FYS, political science/social sciences, arts/literatures, science/health, business administration, professional and continuing studies, and leadership studies. The purpose of C-LAC sections is to provide Richmond students with opportunities for cross-linguistic and cross-cultural engagement experiences within different disciplines.

C-LAC sections may emphasize reading and/or conversation in the target language, independent research/writing projects, or a combination of these. They should normally meet at least ten times during the semester, each session lasting approximately one hour. However, C-LAC sections that center around research/writing projects and require significant independent work may meet a minimum of five times during the course of the semester. A C-LAC course will not count toward a major or minor unless specified within the curricular guidelines of a particular department or program. No more than one unit of C-LAC credit may count toward the total number of units required for a degree.